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Law office in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Italy



Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Free Zones of the United Arab Emirates represent a great opportunity of real estate investment and at the same time a great opportunity to improve and strengthen any business activity on an international level.

DubaiLegal.it is the "project" realized by the Italian lawyer, Stefano Meani, to provide corporate, legal and tax advisory services to Italian resident individuals or companies wishing to perform business in Dubai and in the Free Zones of the Emirate.

Stefano Meani collaborates with Paola Petti, an Italian legal consultant, and together help Italian entrepreneurs offering them a wide range of consulting services, from the preliminary analysis of the business transaction from an Italian and Dubai legal standpoint, to the integration in the local market, the creation of the business structure, the development of the activity and finally to any support in managing the business.

In order to reach this target DubaiLegal.it has invested in a solid collaboration with leading law firms in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The partnership with the law firms operating on site enables DubaiLegal.it to offer to his Italian clients advisory services in Italian language regarding laws and rules in Dubai, in Abu Dhabi and, at the same time, assistance for transactions to be performed therein (among which, for example, the setting up of corporations, the drawing of agency sale or distribution agreements, etc.).

Under the aim to provide a global consulting service to Italian investors and entrepreneurs, DubaiLegal.it has created a synergy with lawyers and consulting firms skilled in corporate assistance for the development of business in Dubai, in Abu Dhabi and in the States of the Persic Gulf.

The philosophy at the basis of DubaiLegal.it is to suit the typical needs of Italian investors and entrepreneurs who always ask for a personal and constant contact with the professional.


Law Stefano Meani

Stefano Meani is particularly skilled in International law, being partner of the Studio Legale Radice, headed by Enrico Radice, lawyer in Milan, who is member of an international.network of lawyers and accountants (IGAL – Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers.
Law Paola Petti

Paola Petti, experts in International law, worked for a London based Law Firm and is author of various legal publications.


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